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E-19 Virus Movie by Joe Ciminera

Independent Review Weekly TTZ
Fred Jaisen-Editor and Chief
November 30, 2105

"Zombie Apocalypse Preparation!", "E-19" Virus is a wonderfully entertaining, witty and observant movie which does exactly what it says in the title, albeit with a hefty dose of Zombie bite.

The writer clearly knows their zombie lore and all of the tropes of the genre, and those tropes are mercilessly lampooned and eviscerated throughout the movies length. Joe Ciminera is no stranger at producing horror films. He has managed to pioneer many of the most watched independent horror films in the US. His last movie 'Venial' cranked over 411,933 downloads on Vimeo in two months.

It's all good-natured, though, and fans of the zombie genre are going to have a blast with this release. The acting in this picture is superb. Cimineras line of up actors include Joshua Pickel, Peter Bonczek, Griffin Olshan, Robert Arensen, Samantha Cardona, Jimmy Sfferazza and Tiffany Brown Tavarez.  These actorsperformaces really stood out for me. Presented in a quasi-educational fashion  the movie presents a thorough and thoroughly entertaining look at the numerous things to think about when faced with the end of the world at the hands and jaws of the undead.

Giving practical advice in such a funny way seems to have come naturally for Director Ciminera, who approach the material very much as fans of the genre, rather than lampooning for the sake of it. The directing style is both fluid and believable, which always helps with horror films.

Released Feb 2016
Rick James
Sirus Entertainment
1933 5thave
NY NY 1001